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Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory

9100 Wilshire Blvd

STE 400W (West Tower)

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Saturday - August 11, 2023

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST)

Course Overview

As a very early adopter of 3D printing, I started using the technology long before it had the role it does now in Dentistry. Even though I am a big fan of the 3D printing, I also believe that well trained hands can do the most amazing tasks in this world. I will show you the evolution and varieties of printing technology, and also show you how I have integrated the technology in a “boutique”, “high end” scenario. And how I have achieved a very harmonious environment where science, craftsmanship and technology all work together.

Done right, 3D printing can improve many aspects of our job, while opening new opportunities. Done wrong, it's a terrible, wasteful experiment. Let my pain be your gain, and learn how to marry this technology with your work. This balance of technology and craftsmanship creates its own form of art. That is why I call this course the “ART” of 3D printing. I want to show you the best ways to use it,
without loosing any quality or craftsmanship.

Course Objectives

  • What to look for and navigate the future of 3D printing

  • Where to start if you are just beginning. And what to get if you want to go pro today.

  • Ways 3D printing can open new opportunities and workflows

  • Most importantly, how to incorporate 3D printing without loosing anything or anyone

About the Instructor

_DSC0307 (1).jpeg

Jed started training to be a dental technician at Archibald Associates when he was 15. Archibald Associates was and is the private in-house laboratory for Dr. Gordon Christensen. It also was a private dental laboratory school were at the age of 18 Jed formally started Instructing at the school. Archibald Associates and Christensen Prostodontics is also where CRA (now CR) started. Through that environment, Jed has had the opportunity to be part of many groundbreaking products we know today. Products such as, Creation, 3D Master, Empress, SmileLine, Initial, e.max and many of the processes that accompany them.

In 2011 Jed formally opened Archibald Digital as the digital arm to Archibald Associates. With Jed’s
unique background in traditional dental technology, his mission has always been to hold digital
processes and materials to the same standards that highly trained craftsman have established. That
higher standard has created breakthroughs in CAD/CAM, Sintering, 3D Printing with more exciting
developments to come.


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